World Globe

We are a group of global citizens who love traveling the world chasing experiences, interacting with cultures, and learning about the beautiful places our planet has to offer.

The City Tees was born out of our deep love for travel, design and the beauty of that magnificent planet we call home. We wanted to celebrate the globe’s favorite city destinations through our unique designs, inspired by each city’s iconic landmarks and signature attractions. Each city in our store is hand-picked to cherish your memory of that wonderful vacation, or get you all psyched for and daydreaming of the next one.  

The passion and creativity that we put in our products is what makes The City Tees the go-to store for the traveler inside you. No more wandering around cities at the end of your trips shopping for cool souvenirs, only to be disappointed by the overpriced, uninspiring designs stacked in one shop after the other. At The City Tees, we promise quirky designs of the world’s favorite city destinations, delivered right to your door.